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Edward Barder coarse rods are designed and made entirely in-house from the finest selected raw materials, their workmanship and function reflecting our uncompromising devotion to their production.  Rigorous quality control throughout the sixty hours of skilled craftsmanship needed to build each model creates rods that are the first choice for split cane connoisseurs.

“Regarding Edwards’s rods: I met Edward when he was working at Hardy's in the mid-80s and we had a good discussion about split cane.  I mentioned my favourite rods and said it was a pity no one was making any really good split cane at that time.  Edward then told me about his plans to leave Hardy's and create a new split cane collection, refining the design and construction until he had progressed to a new level of production.

Almost 20 years later, I can honestly say that Edward has completed his mission - in fact, he did that years ago.  I have used his rods almost exclusively since ’91 and have caught some magnificent carp, barbel, chub, tench and perch on them.  The fact that my old favourites are now gathering dust tells you all you need to know about the quality of Barder rods.”
(From Chris Yates, 6th April 2006)
Our coarse rods are made in two series: the Chris Yates and the Richard Walker MK IVs. Please refer to Coarse rods, Models & prices for full details.

Since 1989, Chris Yates has been intimately involved in the design and field-testing of the rods bearing his name.  They feature extensively in the Passion For Angling television series and descriptions of their exploits can be found in numerous books and articles.  These exclusive and original rods represent excellent value for money.

For fifty years, Walker's MK IV rods have been used by thousands of anglers. Historically, it is probably the most prolific rod ever designed.  Indeed (as noted in The Bishop details), in 1980 Chris Yates landed his 51½ lb. record carp using an original Walker-built Avon.  We believe that Richard Walker would be proud of our production of this classic rod.

Each of our rods has its details inscribed in Indian ink above the handle, comes in a best quality fitted cloth bag, and is issued with a special signed certificate of ownership.  In the case of rods endorsed by Chris Yates, the certificates also bear his signature.

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