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EBRC package photo Welcome to The Edward Barder Rod Company, internationally recognised as makers of the finest split cane fly and coarse (bait) fishing rods available.

We design and construct technically and aesthetically superlative rods, proven in all fishing conditions.

“These rods look fantastic, and they do a fantastic job... You work hard... You deserve the best.  So treat yourself  (Tom Fort, Trout And Salmon magazine)”
Enjoy choosing your split cane fishing rod and we look forward to hearing from you. 

"built and finished as meticulously as jewels" (Brian Clarke, The Times)

"quite simply the best of its kind money can buy" (Sue Webster, The Financial Times)

"Mr. Barder makes the fishing rods that anglers with impeccable taste - and deep pockets - simply must have" (Alan Cowell, The New York Times)

Barder Rod Co Carbon Fibre Trotting Rod.  12' 3-piece.  The № 1 rod sold on immediately.  Rods 2 and 3 to follow in early 2018.
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Available ex-stock in late 2017-early 2018
The Chris Yates Nadder 12' 3-piece whole & split cane float fishing rod.  Details and pictures to follow.

Barder Rod Co Aluminium Rod Case.
These cases are available as an optional extra, made to order to suit your rod.
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November 2017
Edward Barder featured in the new book "MADE To LAST: A COMPENDIUM OF ARTISANS, TRADES & PROJECTS".
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August 2017
The August issue of Trout & Salmon magazine includes an article by James Beeson on fishing with a Barder split cane trout rod.
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In addition to our new, made-to-order rods we also offer Barder Pre-owned: truly exceptional rods, landing nets and reels for immediate delivery.  Our current stock is below.
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Barder Rod Co The Chris Yates Merlin 9' 2-piece c2006 in unused mint condition.
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Available in late 2017-early 2018
A Barder Rod Co Richard Walker MK IV 10' 2-piece Carp Rod c1997 in mint condition.  Details and pictures to follow.

Hardy L.R.H. Lightweight.  Late 1990s vintage, made in Alnwick.
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Hardy Featherweight Fly Reel.  2000s vintage, made in Alnwick.  Unused.
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