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Barder Rod Co 8' 2-piece 2-top #5-weight split cane fly rod and leather case in exceptional condition c2009

This rod has been very lightly used (about half a dozen times apparently) and impeccably maintained. It is in exceptionally fine (at least 98% of new) condition in every respect.  It is finished in our current standard fly rod livery and the select bamboo from which it was made was tempered to a slightly darker, richer colour than usual.  As you can see from the accompanying pictures, this is a very handsome rod with an equally richly toned olive wood reel seat spacer.

The rod is a delight in the hand (4¾ oz) with a very smooth and graceful action, requiring only a light touch to get the best from it at close to medium range.  This is a true all rounder in terms of length and line rating.

Since the advent of the ubiquitous multi-piece carbon fibre fly rod, we have all become convinced that rods have to be in at least three sections.  Fifteen years ago, it was very hard to sell rods with more than two sections, so don’t let current fashions put you off this rod.  Two piece fly rods were an absolute must from 1945 until the early two thousands.  There is only got one ferrule to deal with and they are always lighter than their three piece counterparts.  This one will quite happily fit into the boot of any car and unless you travel to your fishing exclusively by commercial passenger jet, you won’t be inconvenienced.

Price: £2,700

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are now issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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