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Barder Rod Co Richard Walker MK IV Avon c1991 in as-new unused condition.    

This ten foot two piece rod was built to the exact dimensions published by the late Richard Walker.  As he explained, it took him a great deal of time and effort to develop his famous MK IV Carp rod, and about ten minutes to produce the dimensions for the Avon.  Friends and members of the Carp Catchers Club had asked him if he could come up with a lighter version of the MK IV for smaller wild carp, specimen perch, chub and tench.  By the simple act of reducing the dimensions of the MK IV by ten percent throughout, the Avon was created.

The reduction in size at the tip, from .120” to .108” is a mere twelve thousandths of an inch – about the thickness of a London underground ticket.  Above the handle, a ten percent reduction from .462” to .416” is a rather more significant .046”.  I’ll stop going on about this now, dear reader, as I don’t want to lose you, but what all of this means is that the MK IV Avon has a slower taper and an easier action altogether than the Carp version.  It makes a very nice light rod that’s perfect for free-lining baits, fishing in confined spaces and holding fish where the rod must take up the play if no line can be given.  Colin and I are great fans of this model and we have put our souls into every one we’ve built.  Less famous than the MK VI and sometimes overlooked, we have made fewer Avons than Carps, so they are quite rare.

Specification.  This rod was made when I worked alone at my first workshop in North End, on the Berkshire-Hampshire borders near Newbury.  The cosmetically flawless hand-made split cane was tempered to a medium straw colour.  The blank has had twenty six years to season without having cast a line.  The 27” Flor grade cork handle has a mushroom shaped top fitted with a very nice domed shoulder collar, delicately convex knurled sliding reel bands, a tapered alloy butt cap and a red rubber button.  The blued nickel silver suction ferrule is a particularly fine truncated pattern waterproof splint end model made by Pezon et Michel of Amboise.  I was able to buy a quantity of these super ferrules through the trade.  It retains its hand-turned classically shaped hardwood and cork stopper.  The butt ring is an Amberfin, the tip ring is German silver with a polished agate centre and the hard chrome plated intermediate bridge rings were made at the Hardy factory in Alnwick.  A keeper ring is fitted above the handle and the Indian ink inscription giving the rod’s particulars is within a group of decorative whippings.  The butt ring, tip ring and ferrule splints have braided copper (ex-Hardy stock) over-whippings in the classic style.  The silk whippings throughout are varnish impregnated Pearsall’s bottle green.  The rod comes in a hand-sewn tailored bag (ex-Constable of Bromley fabric) with traditional ties and a pocket in the flap to keep the ferrule stopper in.

Test curve: 1 pound.
Casting weights: up to ¾ of an ounce.
Reel lines: 4 – 8 pounds breaking strain.

Price: £1,700

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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