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Barder Rod Co Kennet Perfection 11¼’ 2-piece + detachable handle c1997 in unused mint condition.

The first coarse fishing rods I made commercially, in the mid1980s, were Kennet Perfections, and it is a model very close to my heart.  Ours have always been accurate and faithful renditions of the pattern, as developed by Southwell and continued by Oliver’s of Knebworth.  In the 1980s I purchased the original ex-Southwell planing block from Ted Oliver and it had the correct dimensions marked on it at six inch stations.  I have not deviated from the original taper profile and our Kennet Perfections bear no relation to some of the gutless and floppy things made in the 1960s.

This example is in mint condition and has not been used.  It is a very useful rod indeed for today’s adventurous angler.  It will handle reel lines from 4 – 8 lbs breaking strain, and swing out modest swim feeders with authority.  It would be a super rod for tench fishing, and just the tool for fishing with a large Avon float above perch or chub tackle.  I would have no hesitation in recommending it for barbel fishing on the Wye –in fact, this would make a superb all round rod for that river, which is now the finest mixed fishery in the land.

The tip, middle and handle are made from flame tempered split cane of exceptional quality.  The knots were pressed (rather than filed) in the Southwell manner.  The snug-fitting blued & lacquered nickel silver splint end suction ferrules are our own make.  They are fitted with traditionally shaped hand turned hard wood and cork stoppers.

The 27” cork handle has a subtle elongated onion shaped top and our finely knurled nickel silver sliding reel bands.  The matching nickel silver butt cap has a black rubber button.

The rings are hard chrome plated stainless steel stand-off.  The butt & tip rings are traditionally shaped and chrome plated, with the additional benefit of aluminium oxide centres.  The tip ring is threaded, so you could screw in a quiver tip or a beta light attachment.  Really, there is no end to this rod’s utility!  

The Pearsall’s silk whippings are varnish impregnated bottle green, tipped with Pearsall’s Gossamer (shade № 19).  There is hook keeper above the male ferrule on the mid-section.

The rod comes in its as-new tailored dark green cloth bag, which has a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stoppers and bronzed brass press stud closure.

Test curve: 1¼ pounds.  Reel lines: 4 – 8 pounds breaking strain.  Casting weights: up to 1 oz.

When, in 1999, we could no longer obtain the required sizes of ferrule tube, we very reluctantly stopped making the Kennet Perfection as a standard model.  We have since been able to make a dozen more (all sold) to celebrate our twenty fifth anniversary but this is a rod that is quite hard to come by.

Price: £1,700

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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