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this landing net handle has been sold.

Barder Rod Co.  Landing Net Handle 7’ 2-piece Tonkin bamboo c1996 in as-new unused condition.

Dare I say it –this net handle is almost a work of art and desirable for its looks almost as much as for its utility.  It is made from flame-mottled, tempered, straightened and bored Tonkin bamboo.  It is seven feet long and is comfortable to hold.  The butt cap is fitted with a 1½” red rubber button.  The handle top fitting is internally threaded ⅜” BSF (British Standard Fine) which is the thread that the fishing tackle trade standardised in the late Victorian era.  Only here will you learn such important and exciting facts!

This handle will happily accept any landing net head you might care to screw into it.  The snug fitting Beatson’s of Sheffield ferrule is a blued and lacquered splint end pattern, and we put impeccable red witness marks into the male and female components to aid alignment.  The traditionally shaped hand turned hard wood and cork stopper is beautifully varnished.  The ferrule splints are whipped with dark brown and black jasper silk, tipped with black Pearsall’s Gossamer.

The inscriptions are in red Indian ink and both sections are inscribed with our maker details and the date MCMXCVI (as you know, that’s 1996).

The handle has a flawless yacht varnish finish and it comes in its perfectly tailored dark green bag with bronze press stud fastening and a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stopper.

We do not make net handles at the moment, making this a rare and completely practical net handle that will be the envy of all who see it.

Price: £700

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