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The Richard Carter Vintage Aerial No 10.

This is a spectacularly fine example in mint unused condition.  It is number 10 of a series of only eleven custom made 'Vintage Aerials' made by Richard Carter.  If I had to commend a reel to someone looking for a really high quality model that would serve as a genuine all rounder, this would be a prime candidate.  These individually unique reels were made by Richard in his own time and as he had unlimited time to work on them, he believes that they were his best ever creations, and no two were exactly alike.

The reel drum has a 4" diameter and is 7/8" between the rims, with a six spoke 'Aerial' design and a solid back plate (very good as it keeps the inner works clean).  The hub, spokes and line lay pins are all turned from NS 101 nickel sliver.  The ribbed foot and check button are brass.  The exterior base of the tool steel spindle has a brass cap with a faux ivory insert that matches the faux ivory handles.

The reel has been given a very attractive antique (hence the title Vintage Aerial) black lead (not actually lead and non-toxic) non-flash finish, which has been lightly patinated by hand to enhance the appearance.  The back plate is engraved Vintage Aerial No10.  Inside, the maker has hand engraved his initials R.L.C between the limbs of the check spring.  The check is set up for left hand wind but may be changed to right hand wind if required.  It is operated by a sliding brass button on the back plate.

Opposing spokes on the spool carry the spool release mechanism and the screw operated spindle tension regulator.  I am supplying the reel with one of our tailor made padded zip fastened reel pouches and a bottle of Barder centrepin reel oil.

Price: £1,400

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