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Barder Rod Co The Chris Yates Merlin № 50 c1998 in mint condition.

This may be the last Merlin we numbered.  I can’t find any record of a later number being allocated.  The rod is in mint condition and there is no evidence that it has been used.  It was built and finished in a way that was the most refined expression of the rod in its original format.

11’ 2-piece with a test curve of a little over a pound.  For 3 – 6 pound breaking strain reel lines and casting weights up to an ounce.
The dark honey coloured blank was made from hand-split and straightened flame-tempered vintage Tonkin bamboo.  The strips were milled to a tolerance of +/- a thousandth of an inch and reflect exactly the model’s design criteria.  The blank was glued up with Aerolite 308 urea/formaldehyde/melamine adhesive.  You’ve always wondered what glue we used.  Well now you know.
The rings are the superlative and long out of production Sapphrite Laurels Europa hard chrome plated stand offs, with Amberfin lined butt and tip rings.
The ferrule is our blued & lacquered waterproof nickel sliver splint end pattern, which retains its original honeymoon fit and its hardwood and cork stopper.
The 26” long handle has an elongated onion-shaped top and is fitted throughout with our own make of finely knurled nickel silver fittings.
There is a hook keeper ring retained by a hand-forged nickel silver strap.
The whippings are transparent varnish-impregnated natural silk with super-fine chestnut tippings and chestnut whippings over the ferrule splints.
The hand-applied yacht varnish finish is flawless.
The Indian ink inscription is: The Chris Yates Merlin № 50.  1998.  The tip section is also inscribed № 50.
The rod comes in its tailored bag with bronze press stud fastenings and a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stopper.

As many connoisseurs of fine tackle know, this model, developed with Chris Yates in the early 1990s, is arguably the best and most fishable Avon-style rod of all time.  There is no such thing as a rod that will cope with all types of coarse fishing, but aside from large carp, pike and supersized barbel, the Merlin will deal with just about everything else very nicely indeed.  The action is progressive, from its sensitive tip to its steely butt.  The balance in the hand is superbly comfortable.  After twenty five years of unbroken production, it remains the most popular rod in our range.  A fully mature rod in as-new condition available immediately –surely irresistible.

Price: £1,800

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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