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Edward Barder Rod Co 8’ #4-weight 3-piece 2-top Fly Rod & hand-stitched leather case c2001.

Model № 3964 in 99% of new condition.

This rod was ordered on the 28th of July 2000 and completed on the 6th of July 2001.  Its owner was a friend of mine.  He died tragically young and I don’t believe he had a chance to fish with it.  I have examined it minutely and it appears only to have been lawn cast.

The rod was a specially commissioned three piece version of the world famous Garrison 212 taper.  This taper design is one of the most used and loved in the world of fine split cane rods.  The 212 is the #4-weight version of the Garrison 212E (see A Master’s Guide To Building A Bamboo Fly Rod by Everett Garrison & Hoagy B Carmichael).  It is very unusual to find a three piece of this pattern, which makes it all the more desirable.

Garrison developed his tapers using strict formulas informed by his training as an engineer.  They tend to result in exceptionally smooth actions with no stress points –especially important when building rods from bamboo.  This model was originally designed in the 1930s, when fly lines were made from silk.  These lines, still available today, are relatively dense, thin and have zero stretch.  It is vital to pair a silk fly line (or a plastic fly line with a low stretch core) with a suitably supple rod.

For aficionados of wild trout, precise, subtle presentations and perhaps a modern silk fly line, this rod is perfect.

This rod has a frankly delectable verging on the stupendous specification, with features that will appeal to connoisseurs of fine hand-made rods.

The blank is made from flame tempered hand split & straightened Tonkin bamboo.  All knots are pressed and arranged in the classic Leonard 3 x 3 pattern.  The tips are mirrored and numbered 1 & 2.

The nickel silver splint end ferrules are Super-Z pattern, true to Garrison’s preference.  They are blued and lacquered and fitted with Olive wood and cork stoppers.

The Flor grade Portuguese cork handle is the classic cigar shape, tapering elegantly into the swelled butt.

The reel seat and handle metal work is blued and lacquered nickel silver, finely knurled and turned with subtle trim lines.  The reel seat spacer is olive wood.

The guides are genuine Tom Moran stainless steel snakes (also blued) with matching tip-tops and a Mildrum SRMC size 10 nickel sliver and carbide butt ring (stripping guide).

The whippings (wraps) are transparent varnish impregnated Pearsall’s Gossamer light olive shade 20, with ultra-fine claret tippings and ferrule whippings.

The rod has an impeccable yacht varnish finish.  The tip numbers, maker and rod model details are inscribed in black Indian ink.

The bag is tailor made from dark emerald green raw silk and has an integral stiffener to protect the tip sections.

The rod comes with its aluminium lined hand stitched bridle leather case.
Price: an irresistible £2,200

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