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Barder Rod Co.  The Chris Yates Bishop Carp Rod c1996.  11’ 2-piece in mint condition. 

This is an absolutely exceptional example of my favourite carp rod.  In fact, it was made as part of the same batch as mine and I’d dearly like it for myself, but I’m a simple soul and fishing with two rods at once is quite beyond me.  There is no evidence that the rod has ever been used and it retains 100% as new condition.

The split cane is impressively flame-tempered to a fairly dark and quite dramatic tone.  The bamboo used to make the blank was very thick walled and the power fibres densely packed, so it took time to temper fully, hence the rich colour.  The blank is dead straight and very resilient indeed.

This is a very pure and unfussy Bishop from what I now regard as a particularly good vintage.  We were making the transition from buying in some metal work to making our own in 1996, so the splint end suction ferrules are from Beatson’s of Sheffield, but the conical alloy butt cap and knurled sliding reel bands were made in house.

The 26” long handle has a mushroom shaped top.
The whippings are Pearsall’s size 40 varnish impregnated bottle green tipped with Pearsall’s Gossamer scarlet silk.  Rings are hard chrome plated stainless steel bridge pattern throughout.  The coating is harder that the Amberfin centres one usually finds in carp rod butt and tip rings, and there is no fear of a cracked centre.
There is a hook keeper ring whipped in above the handle top.
The Indian ink inscription is: The Chris Yates Bishop Carp Rod.  E.  Barder Rod Co~makers.  1996.
The female ferrule has an Olive wood stopper.
The rod comes in its tailored dark khaki-green bag with press stud fastenings and a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stopper.

Test Curve: 1¾ pounds +
Reel lines: 8 -12 lbs +
Casting weights: Up to 2 ounces.

A very good looking rod with an impeccable finish, its owner will enjoy years of energetic fishing with it if he or she so desires.  I’ve been using mine a great deal for the past fifteen years and it remains as straight and vigorous as ever.  Highly recommended.

Price: £1,800

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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