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this landing net has been sold.

The Bernard Venables Landing Net & Handle  in outstanding condition c2000.

This net is possibly the last example of this net ever to be supplied with a certificate signed by Bernard, who died in April 2001.  It is in perfect unused condition.  We are offering the net with its original signed certificate.  The hand tied net bag has no seam at the bottom, which is something we pioneered.  The net bag can stretch to accommodate very long fish without harming them.  The one inch mesh is knotless and complies with Environment Agency rules.  I dyed the rot-proof nylon mesh with a Dylon colourfast dye that is the same colour as the classic Sharpe’s of Aberdeen net bags.

The Tonkin bamboo handle was tempered, mottled, straightened and most importantly, not sanded back to the power fibres, so as well as eight coats of yacht varnish, it has its natural skin intact for extra durability.  It is waterproof and it floats, as does the net head.  The brass butt cap has a red rubber button.  The handle comes in its tailor made bag.

The one piece Y-shaped net block is made from cast naval bronze, engraved on one side THE VENABLES NET & on the other side E.  BARDER MAKER.  The net frame itself is impregnated and permanently waterproof.  The net mesh is laced onto the frame as the accompanying pictures illustrate.

From our 2011 catalogue is the following technical specification: Designed and built at the request of the late Bernard Venables, these pear-shaped nets are vastly superior to all other types.  There are no moving parts to fail, and no infuriating draw cord to fold up or snag at the critical moment.  With a 6’ circumference, measuring 26” front-to-back and 21” side-to-side, all but the largest fish can be landed comfortably.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining some of the materials required to make these nets, we have mothballed our manufacturing of them for the foreseeable future.  However, they remain the best of their kind both as efficient and practical tools and as the most beautiful and eye-catching items on the bank.

Price: £1,500

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