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CHris Lythe Centrepin Reels

Chris Lythe is the acknowledged master builder of the finest aerial style centrepin reels of all time.  Edward Barder and Colin Whitehouse of the E. Barder Rod Co are proud owners and users of reels built for them by Chris Lythe.

The reels listed here represent a very rare opportunity to obtain unused examples of these most sought-after reels in new and unused condition.

*Please note: on each of these reels, the check is operated via a sliding brass button on the back plate and is set up for right hand wind.  However, as the difference in tension is very slight when retrieving or paying out line, this is no hindrance when winding with the left hand.  The primary function of the check is to stop the spool rotating when the reel is not in use, and this is the way that every Allcock Aerial was set up.

The Chris Lythe Scotton Long Trotter 4½" diameter centrepin reel
This reel is anodised in a most attractive dark slate colour, which highlights the nickel silver spokes and line pins, the brass foot and check work and the phosphor bronze bush.
The handles are faux horn.
In this size, the reel affords efficient line retrieval whilst remaining light and elegant.  It is perhaps the ultimate trotting reel, but thanks to the supreme quality of its build, it is entirely capable of taking a wide variety of fishing methods in its stride.
Supplied in its Chris Lythe cotton reel bag with draw string closure.
Price: £1,200

The Chris Lythe Scotton Trotter 4" diameter centrepin reel in its superb made to measure block leather case
This 4" diameter reel is the classic all rounder, suitable for just about any form of fishing where a centrepin reel is appropriate.  This is the model I use..
The handles are faux ivory and the back plate, front and rear spool rims are anodised a medium slate colour.
As with all Lythe reels, the tool steel spindle and phosphor bronze bush ensure perfectly smooth rotation.
As well as its Chris Lythe cotton reel bag with draw string closure, this reel comes in a made to measure hand stitched block leather 'D' case of exquisite quality.
Price: £1,400

The Chris Lythe Scotton Trotter 3½" diameter centrepin reel

This was the size of aerial favoured by Jack Hargreaves, whose preference was the inspiration for the commissioning of this reel.  It is indeed another all rounder, so light and compact that it is a dream to perform the 'Wallis Cast' with, so unobtrusive that it doesn't upset the balance of the lightest roach rod, but strong enough to use for barbel, salmon and pike spinning etc.
The reel has the recently introduced feature of a foot location point that is an integral part of the back plate.  It is anodised a medium slate colour with faux ivory handles, blued steel check wheel and pawl, brass foot, check button and screws, nickel silver spokes and line pins.
Supplied in its Chris Lythe cotton reel bag with draw string closure.
Price: £1,200

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