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Hardy Bros Ltd The “Conquest” 4⅛" diameter narrow drum centrepin reel, boxed, mint and unused  

This is a very classy and desirable true centrepin.  I think that it is probably the nicest, most charming and tactile narrow drum reel I have come across.  It will give endless pleasure to someone who enjoys using a long rod and a complimentary reel to trot for grayling, roach and chub.  It still has its original factory grease on its check wheel and will need to be run in.  The best way to do this is a busy season’s tench fishing.  At least, this is what I like to do with a new reel before taking it trotting in the winter.  Or you can sit in front of the telly, spinning it constantly while driving your family mad.

The back plate has a perfect and classic Hardy stove enamelled grey finish.  It is fitted with a removable and reversible nickel silver Bickerdyke line guard, nickel sliver on/off check lever and a really super nickel silver tension regulator with a semi-circular indicator plate marked HEAVY and FREE and graduated from 1 to 5.  Internally, this regulator operates by applying pressure to the spindle via a spring tensioned Tufnol plate.

The spindle is tool steel and the spool bush is nickel silver with a phosphor bonze end bearing.  The spool is secured with a very nice spring loaded latch with a two screw latch cover.  This is a very satisfactory system, still used by Hardy on classic fly reels and a great improvement on the ‘telephone’ latch employed on Hardy’s Eureka reels.

The spool itself is very light alloy with a clear lacquered finish and a polished rim.  It was cast and machined at the Hardy factory in Alnwick.  As it is un-perforated, it is strong and will not let muck into the reel’s innards.  The handles are tapered ebonite –the design prevents stray loops of line from binding around the handles, which would otherwise cause frightful beastliness.

The polished alloy reel foot is securely riveted to the integral boss projecting from the back plate.  This is a properly sound arrangement and so much better than the later Allcock narrow drum aerials which inevitably have wobbly reel feet.

The reel is in its perfect original maker’s box.

Price: £500

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