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Barder Rod Co Chris Yates Carpcrawler 8¼' 2-piece 2-top split cane rod c1994 in as-new condition

This is a very fine example of the Chris Yates Carpcrawler that has been stored correctly since it was made, appears unused and is in mint condition.

A rare model in standard format, this Carpcrawler was made to special order and has an unusually high specification for a rod of its vintage.

The mushroom topped cork handle has a finely knurled nickel silver butt cap and red rubber button.

The matching down locking screw reel fitting is also made from nickel silver and has a stunning Indian Rosewood spacer, which is mortised to accept a reel foot.

It will secure a classic fixed spool reel, centrepin or multiplier and does away with the usual worries about the reel falling off while you are wrestling with a whopper.

The rod comes with two tips: one rated for 8 – 10 lbs breaking strain lines, the other rated for 4 – 6 lbs breaking strain lines.

They are perfectly matched cosmetically, and made to scale so that their tips and intermediate rings are the appropriate sizes.

Each tip is inscribed with its line rating in Indian ink.

The blued and lacquered waterproof splint end ferrules are the nickel silver Super-Z pattern, which are both strong and light.

The original hand turned Olive wood and cork stopper is fitted.

The intermediate rings are hard chrome plated stainless steel bridge pattern.

The butt and tip rings are very elegant and virtually indestructible heavy duty hard chromed stainless steel.

The whippings are Pearsall’s green silk for the rings, ferrules and intermediates, with very subtle scarlet Pearsall’s Gossamer tippings to the ring and ferrule whippings.

There is a hook keeper ring whipped in above the handle top.

The rod comes in its original tailor made bag with press stud fastening and a pocket in the flap to keep the ferrule stopper in.

The Carpcrawler is, as its name (chosen by Chris Yates) suggests, intended for stalking carp in places where casting space is restricted.

However, it is in the nature of such a rod –strong, but capable of casting quite light baits and tackle accurately- to be equally good for spinning and lure fishing for pike and salmon.

In this instance, we also made a lighter top to be used for smaller pike, sea trout, grilse, perch and chub.

It works harmoniously with the butt section, producing a slightly faster action than the rod has with its standard top section.

In other words, the rod performs exactly as it should, and if at first it seemed rather specialised, it will be clear by now that it is in fact a very versatile tool that should give a great deal of service.

Price: £2,000

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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