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Barder Rod Co Leather Float Case.  New for 2018.

Early this year, we commissioned one of these from Frances, our remarkable case maker.  I collected it one snowy Saturday in spring.  When I got into the workshop, I just had time to put the kettle on to make a cup of tea for a gentleman caller who was about to arrive.  Within ten minutes of putting the new float case on the workbench, he’d paid for it, drunk his tea and scarpered.  I didn’t have a chance to photograph it, record its exact dimensions or even to admire it.  That’s the way it is sometimes when one makes and supplies special stuff.

The answer was to order another one, and here it is.  The case is made from 3.5 mm thick hand stitched English full grain (the best side of the hide) vegetable tanned (not the nasty chrome treatment 99% of leather receives) bridle leather.  It is lined with a heavy gauge alloy tube that is 35 centimetres deep and 6 centimetres in diameter.  The alloy tube has an internal ally base plate.

The design and configuration is exactly the same as our leather rod cases.  The English-made brass buckles are very high quality, and the leatherwork is outstanding.  It’s worth the asking price just for the smell –or should that be scent? It will hold a great many floats, but you’ll have no trouble getting it in your fishing bag or creel.

Thankfully, in this increasingly peculiar world, there are plenty of keen float anglers, many of whom are using lovely hand-made floats.  Float making seems to be a thriving cottage industry.  This case is quite simply THE way to store and transport your treasured collection.  It was made by the lady who is in charge of all things to do with harnesses and bridles at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace.  You can tell your friends that you get your special leather gear from the same person that the Queen uses.  They will envy and admire you in equal measure.  Perfect!

Furthermore, if you give it the occasional treatment of high quality leather polish and don’t lose it, it’ll become a family heirloom, smelling faintly of copal varnish and old leather, bearing the patina of a well loved and essential angling accoutrement.

Or you could keep your best sable brushes in it.

Price: £300

*Floats not included. These are from my enviable collection of Colin Whitehouse floats, and they’re now back in my bank’s most impregnable vault.

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