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Barder Rod Co Avon Rod c2000 in very lightly used at least 95% of new condition

11' 3-piece with a hand made split cane middle and top and a whole cane butt.  This is essentially a special order 3-piece Merlin.  It has a very elegant appearance and an exceptionally nice whole cane butt section.  All metal work on the 24" long handle is nickel silver.

The ferrules are Barder-made and a superb fit, with their special order cork and ebony stoppers.

The rings are hard chromed stainless steel ‘High Bells’ stand off, whipped in our best bottle green silk, as are the graduated intermediate whippings.  A hook keeper ring with a hand-forged nickel silver retaining strap is fitted.

This rod is a particularly nice example of our 3-piece Merlin, inscribed simply ‘The Avon’.  It is a classic rod for float fishing and light touch ledgering for chub, roach, dace, grayling, perch and tench.  We still make this rod (in split cane throughout) and it costs £2,000.  Apart from some tiny scratches to the varnish and ferrule lacquer in one or two places, it is in unblemished condition and has been used a handful of times at most.  The handle and all fittings and finishes are bright and clean.  The rod is perfectly straight and sound.

Reel lines: 4-6 lbs BS
Casting weights: up to ¾ oz (25 grams).
Test curve: 1 pound.

Price: £1,800 + shipping.

(Note on the above rod: we no longer make rods with whole cane butts because we do not believe enough suitable whole cane is available to make such butts to the standard we insist upon.  The best whole cane was a wonderful material, making relatively light butt sections with just the right amount of spring and resilience.  They are always a shade lighter than their middle and tip counterparts, as they can become brittle and impossible to straighten if they are tempered too darkly.  This is also a feature of the best and most sought-after Avocet rods made in the 1950s by B. James.)

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