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Barder Rod Co Tonkin bamboo 6’ one piece landing net handle c1997.

This net handle is in exceptional condition because we have fully refinished it and it has a new bag.  The bamboo is straight and thick walled, so this is a very strong handle without being excessively heavy.

We don’t make Tonkin net handles at the moment.  We ran out of suitable material in 2015, so this is a rare opportunity to obtain a superb landing net handle in outstanding condition.

The brass end fitting has the fishing tackle industry standard ⅜” British Standard Fine thread, so you can use it with any screw on net head you like.

Price: £400

* When the handle was made, there was a shallow crack through the leaf node just above the butt cap, which we sealed with marine epoxy.  It has not budged in twenty one years and is so near the butt of the handle that its strength and utility is in no way compromised.  There is no indentation and the varnish finish over the area is perfect.  If we were less than 100% sure of its soundness, we would not be offering it for sale.

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