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Peter Stone's 'Legerstrike' 10' 2-piece split cane rod

This was Peter Stone's own rod, supplied to him by Chapman's of Ware (who subsequently produced the rod commercially) with its handle and ferrules fitted so that he could whip and varnish it himself.  When Peter Stone sold the rod in late1994, it was delivered directly to us, with Peter's full approval, for refurbishing.

We re-whipped the rod using the correct Burgundy silk and the rod's original rings.  The other original components were all retained and cleaned or refinished where necessary.  The rod was finished with classic copal resin yacht varnish.  Most pleasingly and significantly, we were able to preserve Peter Stone's original Indian ink inscription, which reads: The Peter Stone 'Legerstrike'.

The rod has not been used since and remains in the superb condition it was in when it left our workshop in early 1995.

The 'Legerstrike' is described in detail in Peter Stone's excellent books 'Legering' and 'Rod Making'.  It was the precursor of all modern specialist leger rods, with its strong butt section and its compound taper tip that has an especially sensitive final 18".  Peter Stone was, along with Richard Walker and Fred J. Taylor, in the vanguard of post-war angling development, and this rod represents a very rare opportunity to own a significant piece of angling history with impeccable provenance.

Made from very high quality split cane, the rod is completely sound, straight and fit for use.
The 27" cork handle has a red rubber butt button fitted to a concealed internal thread, alloy sliding reel fittings and an alloy shoulder collar.
The blued brass splint-end suction ferrule is snug fitting and has a hardwood and cork stopper.
Ring, ferrule and intermediate whippings are Burgundy silk.
The rings are all original, comprising six bronzed high carbon steel stand-off intermediates, a large clear Agatine butt ring and a porcelain lined tip ring.
Our Indian ink inscription reads: Made for Peter Stone of Oxford by - this is followed by the perfect R. Chapman & Co transfer.
The rod comes in its original and very tidy R. Chapman & Co fitted cotton bag.

Price: £2,400

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are now issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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