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8' 3-piece 2-top #5/6 fly rod with agate butt ring AND leather case in new unused condition c2007

This rod has never been used and has been stored in ideal conditions since it was made in 2007.  It is in new condition and was made to special order as a model No 3965/6 8' 3-piece #5/6-weight.  Built and finished to our standard specification with the addition of a super-select Brazilian Agate-lined nickel silver butt ring, this rod comes in a raw silk bag and a hand stitched bridle leather case.

The rod works with a DT #5 line, at distance if necessary, but will also carry a #6 line when required.  Using the heavier line, the rod will load quickly, turn over large flies and punch a good straight line into the wind.  It’s lovely to imagine casting a light line and a diminutive fly to a gently sipping fish, but all too often there's a stiff wind blowing to dash one’s hopes of finesse.  In these all too common conditions, it is better to make an effective and confident cast once, to the right spot, than it is too thrash away less effectively with a line that’s too light.

Especially for larger and more demanding rivers - the Usk, lower Test, Aberdeenshire Don - this is the right choice of split cane rod.

Price: £2,860

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are now issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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