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Barder Rod Co plastic fantastic 6" 1-piece Rod.  The № 1 poundland. 

It all started with split cane (so many wasted years...).  Next it was carbon fibre (knew you'd cave in).  Now it's plastic.
Yup, you heard it here first - we'd been getting further and futher behind the curve, but now we've gone and turned it into a triangle, with the Edward Barder Rod Company bang centre - there's no stopping us (unless we bump into one of its sides).

The great thing about plastic rods, above all else, is their lightness.  And it doesn't stop there.  They float (a bit).  You can light them with a match and watch them drip onto the grass.  And they set you apart from other anglers and their expensive penis-substitutes - they'll all be thinking "if he can fish with that he must be hung like the Mona Lisa".

All components are made in an ever rotating variety of Asian countries by tiny children with nimble little fingers working in underground bunkers around the clock by candlelight.

The whippings are made of plastic - not just any old plastic, but new, really colourful stuff.  Who needs yet more dull old bottle greens and clarets - so last century.

The action is entirely unpredictable, right up until the moment when it always breaks.

It will handle reel lines from 2 oz to.  No, to be honest, it can't really handle any line.  Who needs line anyway.  It always ends up in a tangle, wasting yet more of the shockingly few hours we have on this earth.

The butt ring is made by bending the rod into a circle and inserting it up your rusty sheriff's badge, and can also be used to catch crabs.

The fine Essex putitwhereulikeluv orange rod rings are perfectly challenged by the Kim i'llpumpupthevolume Jong-un nuclear green real seats.  There is, of course, no need for a hook keeper ring.

The 1.72381" long Plastic grade handle is fitted.  We didn't have to make any effort to get this detail right.  You can hold the rod all day in comfort.  You can't say that about a five pound chub.

This is the last word in contemporary rods.  It will do exactly as it wishes, and it will definitely make you puke when you take it out of its clear polymer protective sleavette.  It takes us no more than three minutes (it'll be down to two when we get broadband) to order 1,000 of these these little beauties, and we have not had to spare any trouble or expense in their development and production.  Last winter, using mine to stir a pint; I landed three crisps that had sunk to the bottom of the glass in a soggy little lump.  It was very exciting, very satisfying, and yes, I am boasting.  

Price: £1

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