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The Mitchell 304 fixed spool reel 

This reel has not been used and is in superb condition. There is a very small chip to one corner of the reel’s foot, but otherwise it appears to be as it was when it left the Mitchell factory in France.  It comes in its original box, which is intact and very tidy, and its full complement of papers –guarantee, parts list and accessories list.

I used the brother of this reel, the 314, when I fished for very large barbel and my father rated it very highly for spinning for pike.  It has quite low gearing, so the effect is very nice when playing large fish, and when retrieving spoons and spinners, its relatively slow retrieve ensures that one’s lure wobbles and flashes enticingly.

This is a very nicely laid out, durable and tactile reel.  It looks well on a nice split cane rod and whilst it’s not rare, it is in remarkable condition.

Price: £40

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