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Barder Rod Co ‘The Wallis Rod’ 3-piece 2-top Avon rod with a whole cane butt and split cane middle and tips c1996.  Unused and in as-new condition.    

There are two of these unique rods available, built as a pair, and the only detail that differentiates them is the numbers 1 & 2 discretely inscribed on the sections of each rod.

They each have mirrored tips, to be rotated in use from outing to outing, in the manner of the best fly rods.  I don’t recall making any other three piece coarse fishing rods with two tips.

The whole Tonkin cane for the butt section came from seasoned stock I purchased from the late Cliff Constable.  It was bored, tempered and straightened.  The hand-made split cane for the middle and tips was tempered to a complimentary colour.  The Flor grade 26” long cork handle has a cigar-shaped top and convex knurled nickel silver fittings throughout.  The butt cap is engraved with: E.  BARDER MAKER   The inscription above the handle was written in Windsor & Newton’s Sepia Indian ink and is as follows: The Wallis Rod № 1.  The mid section is inscribed № 1 and the tips are inscribed № 1 Tip one & № 2 Tip two.
(The same form of inscription is used on the №2 rod).

The tip-to-middle ferrules are blued and lacquered nickel silver splint end suction type, made by an ex-Hardy ferrule maker, and the butt-to-mid ferrule is an all brass version of the same pattern.  The ferrules are a perfect fit and have their classically shaped hand-turned hardwood and cork stoppers.

Whippings are Perivale Imperial Silk shade 910 size 1 –dark red, tipped with Pearsall’s Gossamer shade 19 burnt Sienna (hot orange before varnishing).  The perfectly graduated intermediate whippings are Pearsall’s Gossamer Cardinal, shade 12.  All whippings are saturated in varnish to render them transparent and permanently flexible and waterproof.

The rings are hard chrome plated ‘High Bells’ stand-off, with matching lined butt and tip rings.

The rod comes in a dark green/khaki tailor made bag with bronze press stud fastenings and a pocket in the flap for the ferrule stoppers.

Test curve: 1 - 1¼ pounds.
Reel lines: 3- 6 pounds breaking strain.
Maximum casting weight: 1 oz.

The action is brisk, progressive and quite modern.  There is no floppiness or lack of stuffing.  The tip is fine, progressing via its compound taper to a sturdy middle section that does not fold up under strain.  The whole cane butt provides spring as well as shock absorption in the way that only whole cane can.  It would be easy to liken the rod’s action to a very successful and sophisticated Avocet, but the best illustration of the rod’s action as its test curve is approached is the accompanying picture.

This rod was built as a modern interpretation of the FWK Wallis classic –perhaps the sort of rod he would want to use if he were alive today.  With its two tips, it would give reliable service to generations of anglers.  There is no such thing as one rod to do everything, but aside from carp, pike and heavy duty barbel, this rod will cover most situations very effectively.

Price: £2,000

All pre-owned rods supplied by us are issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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