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B James carp landing net C1953
It is believed that no more than forty of these nets were made.  It may well have been fewer.  They were produced at a time before B James had their own split cane blank making operation, and it is fair to say that the inherent difficulties of making them was a distraction from the business of finishing and supplying the then new Richard Walker rods.  We have spoken to collectors and the preeminent carp angling historian Chris Ball about these nets and between us we can account for no more than fifteen still known to exist.

The net is closely modelled on the one Richard Walker made for himself for carp fishing.  Three quarters of them were made with 30" long arms.  The remainder, including this one, were specially ordered with 36" long arms.

The arms are made from shaped and laminated Tonkin bamboo.  The handle is 5' long, also made from Tonkin bamboo and bears its original B James & Son, Ealing transfer.  The spreader block and handle top assembly are made from a combination of cast aluminium, brass and Tufnol.  The mesh bags for these nets were hand tied by Dr Rex Ellgood, who was a prominent figure in carp fishing circles at the time the nets were made.  The net we offer has its original Ellgood mesh in remarkably good condition.

The handle and arms have been re-varnished by ourselves using essentially the same type of varnish originally applied, and the net is in exceptional original condition.  Famous anglers who used these nets included Bernard Venables, Jack Hilton, Bill Quinlan and Chris Ball.  (Bernard Venables was probably the most famous British angler of the 20th century.  His net, given to him by the makers in 1953 and featured in the last photo, demonstrates how original the one we are offering is.)

This is very probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this splendid example of the only net built by B James & Son to compliment their famous Richard Walker MK IV carp rods.

Price: £3,250

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