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The No 2 Chris Yates Barbus Maximus. 1990

This rod is the second of the 21 limited edition rods. The first rod was made for Chris Yates. This example was made for the late Kerry Jordan at my original workshop at North End, on the Hants-Berks border.   I have examined and tested it and it has my full approval. It is a rare and original rod in absolutely superb condition.

The specification is as follows:

11'9" in two pieces + detachable handle. The mid-section is hollow-built split cane.

The 26" cork handle has a 'mushroom' shaped top and is fitted with an alloy butt cap and rubber button.

The rod is whipped with bottle green Pearsall's silk, with copper over-whippings on the tip ring and the lower foot of the butt ring, in the style of Hardys, Sharpes and others.

The butt-handle ferrule is brass and the tip-mid ferrule is nickel silver. Both ferrules are fitted with domed top knurled edge alloy and cork stoppers.

The Indian ink inscription is in two rows arranged spirally up the blank above the butt ferrule and reads: The No 2 Chris Yates Barbus Maximus followed by Made by Edward Barder 1990.

The butt and tip rings have agate centres set in nickel silver frames (I acquired enough of each from Oliver's of Knebworth in 1989 for the 1st 21 each of the Yates barbel & carp rods).  The intermediate rings are hard chromed stainless steel bridge, made by Hardys of Alnwick.

The rod comes in its original cotton twill bag and screw cap aluminium tube.

Suitable reels lines: 6 - 8 lbs breaking strain. Casting weights up to 1¼ oz.

The original numbered certificate, signed by Chris Yates & Edward Barder will be supplied with the rod, with a new certificate signed by Edward Barder to certify that he has supplied the rod.

The rod is clean, absolutely straight and retains a flawless and very attractive finish.  The ferrules and all other fittings and components are in perfect condition.

The rod has a slender tip and plenty of power in the middle.  It was intended for touch ledgering and watching the rod top in weedy rivers like the Hants Avon and Kennet.  In the late 1980s when the rod was developed, a ten pounder was an absolute monster and a rare fish.  There were far fewer barbel rivers back then and most fishing was done in the daytime, during the summer and autumn months.  I would recommend it for the style of barbelling for which it was intended, and as a superb rod for big chub, tench and perch.  The No 1 rod, which is this one's twin, can be seen being used by Chris Yates in the Passion for Angling films.

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