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Barder Rod Co 25th anniversary special limited edition 8¼' 3-piece 2-top split cane fly rods

To mark the Barder Rod Co's 25th anniversary in April 2015, we will be making to order thirteen individually numbered Special Limited Edition 8¼' 3-piece 2-top split cane fly rods.

These rods will incorporate every refinement in materials and manufacturing techniques, and their aesthetic qualities will be a profound expression of our craft.

The length, exclusive to these rods, is extremely versatile.
The classic 3-piece format is portable and practical. Over the years, this style of rod has been at the heart of our work and we feel the greatest affinity for it.

As an homage to the late Victorian geniuses of rod making such as Hiram Leonard, we are finishing these anniversary rods in the classic style. Their dimensions have been specially formulated and are unique.  Only the very best mechanically superior materials and components have been selected for the construction of these rods.

The specifications
8'3" in 3-pieces with 2-tops.
Rods may be ordered for use with either a #5-weight or a #4-weight line.

The specially selected Tonkin bamboo is tempered, split and straightened by hand. It is worked to a tolerance of +/- one thousandth of an inch into split cane sections whose dimensions conform exactly to their design criteria.
The two tip sections are 'mirrored' and numbered 1 and 2 for easy identification.
The butt section has a supremely elegant swell leading to the handle top.
Ferrules are perfectly fitted blued nickel silver with olive wood and cork stoppers.
Hard chromed stainless steel snake guides are hand dressed and given a traditional dark bronze finish in-house.
The mortised reel seat spacer is highly figured olive wood with a durable and lustrous finish.
The rods will have our flawless marine grade varnish finish.
The classic cigar shaped handle is turned from hand cut ¼ inch thick champagne grade cork discs.

The rods will be individually numbered.
Each rod will be issued with a specially printed booklet bearing the owner's name, the rod number and the signatures of the makers.
Rods come in a beautiful hand stitched full grain English leather case and a tailor made bag.

Special features include
Titanium butt cap, sliding reel band, grip and winding checks, machined and finished with our finest convex knurls and trim lines.

The nickel silver butt ring (stripping guide) has a highly figured Brazilian agate-centre.

Whippings are specially commissioned mid-tan Gossamer silk with ultra fine dark tan tippings.

The intermediate whippings are of the finest imaginable silk, their spacing perfectly graduated from tip ring to handle top.

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Barder Rod Co 25th Anniversary Special Edition Fly Rod characteristics
These rods are built to our own  carefully calculated and tested compound taper design, which is informed by a lifetime of fly fishing and twenty five years as the E. Barder Rod Co.

The tip is fine but strong enough to recover from casting loads quickly and dampen vibrations which can cause shock waves to travel along the line. It will load and unload readily as the casting stroke begins, to facilitate tight, accurate casting loops, even at short range.

The middle third of the rods have a progressive convex taper, so that the rod's action has a tip that flexes smoothly into a strong supportive middle section that does not collapse when making longer casts or when playing heavier fish.

The butts are stiff enough to support the middle and tip and to keep the rods crisp positive and lively, without being so stiff that they are rigid and unyielding.  The pronounced swelled butt stops the rod's action just above the hand, which further promotes a very positive and accurate casting stroke.

We have a pre-production example of this rod for you to examine and try out on the Lambourn behind our workshop if you would like to make an appointment to do so.

Price: £3,600

To order
To confirm your order we require a 50% non-refundable deposit payment of £1,800.  The balance due on notification of completion will be £1,800

I will write to formally confirm receipt of your order and deposit payment, enclosing the rod order details.

The signed and numbered owner's booklet will be issued with the rod.

(All photos for the 25th Anniversary Special Edition Fly Rod with kind thanks to Andy Perris)

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