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22 August 2009
Jon Henley reviews The Edward Barder Rod Company in The Guardian

How to make a split-cane fishing rod

Jon Henley

While you can read the full article in The Guardian at www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/aug/22/split-cane-fishing-rods and watch the video at www.guardian.co.uk/money/interactive/2009/aug/20/split-cane-fishing-rod-edward-barder, we are delighted to share Jon Henley's concluding comments.
Edward working Waterlog photo
(Photo courtesy of The Guardian)

"... The result, says Edward in very English understatement, "looks nice".  Actually, it's a work of art as much as a feat of engineering, frighteningly delicate yet immensely powerful.  It will sell for between £1,400 and £1,800, and a fisherman seeking perfection will have to wait 18 months for one.  Looked after, it will last generations."

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