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Giant Danish Sea Trout landed with a Barder 8’ #5-weight fly rod     

On Friday the 18th of August, fishing a small Danish river at Simested Å, split cane rod devotee Christian Dinesen landed a truly remarkable sea trout of sixteen and a half pounds.  It took that classic fly, the Thunder & Lightening, tied on a size 8 double hook.  The conditions were warm, overcast and wet.  Christian hooked the fish at ten to nine pm and landed it at ten past ten.  He was using his Barder Rod Co 8’ #5-weight three piece, and a 7’ leader with a 9 pound breaking strain tippet.  Christian tells me that even after an eighty minute battle with this giant fresh-run fish, his rod was unharmed and remains straight.   

Congratulations to Christian.  I hadn’t considered that the rod I made for him might be used for such challenging fishing, but his fantastic and hefty catch shows the versatility and durability that only good split cane rods possess.

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