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Giant Avon Brown Trout On 6X tippet & Barder Rod     

Our friend Clem Booth wrote to tell us all about his epic catch.

"Hi Edward,

This fish was taken on 18 May 2017 on River Avon, Piscatorial Society waters.

There was a fairly prolific hatch of Mayflies and also BWOs but this particular fish was mostly ignoring them and seemed to be feeding just sub-surface. After two hours of targeting this one fish, it eventually fell for an emerger fished just in the surface film. A mighty battle on 6X tippet ensued; the Barder 8 foot 5 weight however did the business and the fish was eventually netted and safely released. Twice I had it in the net and twice it extricated itself! Heart stopping moments.

It weighed 7 1/2 pounds; truly a wonderful Avon trout.

Warmest regards, Clem.

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