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Fly rod rings close-up photoEBRC package photoEach part of an Edward Barder fly rod is designed and made in-house from the finest raw materials.  Attention to detail and the standard of finish are second to none.

Our precise, proprietary tapers incorporate fine tips that protect fine tippets and promote an action that is crisp, with excellent damping qualities and the ability to cast a tight, accurate loop.

The middle third of our rods are designed so that they don't collapse when the rod is loaded during medium to long distance casts.

Our swelled butts are something of a trademark, with the most elegant and symmetrical shape possible.  Such swells are not easily achieved, but they help to direct the angler's casting stroke with authority, and add to the beauty of our rods.

“I would defy anyone who loves fly-fishing and has a scintilla of soul not to thrill at the sight and feel of these exquisite creations.  From the nickel-silver ferrules, sliding reel grip and butt cap, to the stainless-steel rings, to the transparent whippings tipped in tan silk, to the polished olive wood of the reel seat (cut from his parents’ trees at their home in Provence), to the silk rod bag, to the aluminium leather case, the fittings - all made in Barder’s workshop - are the finest.”
(Tom Fort, Trout and Salmon magazine)
All of our fly rods come with a pair of perfectly mirrored tips, to be alternated in use from day to day.  Supplied in a tailored cloth bag fitted with a stiffener to protect the tip sections, we also include a superb aluminium lined hand-made leather case of unsurpassed quality.
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