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Stacked bamboo photo Edward Barder with flame and bamboo photo Coarse rod butt photo Coarse rod handle and keeper ring photo Coarse rod ferrule and stopper photo Fly rod handle and model inscription photo Suitably proportioned grade-A bamboo culms are selected for quality and then tempered by hand over an open flame.  This process properly tempers the power fibres, drives out excess moisture, and imparts great resilience.  As a consequence, the bamboo darkens beautifully, creating rich tones from caramel to chestnut.

The tempered culms are hand-split with the grain and the resulting strips are straightened with heat.  We also heat-press and stagger the nodes, rendering them neat and strong.

Tapers for the six triangular strips of each section are precisely milled to our exact specifications, maintaining tolerances of +/- one thousandth of an inch.  Ensuring that the power fibres are on the outside, these six 60 segments are then seamlessly and permanently bonded together with heat resistant, waterproof adhesive.

Butt caps are made from aerospace grade aluminium alloy, discreetly engraved with our logo, and fitted with a rubber button.  Their delicate knurling and trim lines (also a feature of our sliding bands) emphasise the quality and refinement of these rods.

Handles are turned to a velvety finish from the best champagne grade cork shives.  We only use the very rare and highest quality Flor cork.

A pair of sliding bands secure the reel.
  For lightness, durability and elegance, we also make and fit these precision turned, delicately knurled sliding bands from aerospace grade aluminium alloy.  There is a subtle shoulder collar at the handle top and we whip on a hand-forged nickel silver strap to secure the hook keeper ring.

Waterproof splint-end ferrules are also made by us from the best hard-drawn waterproof 18% nickel silver.  Hand-lapped to a perfect suction fit, they are then oxidized and fitted with a hand-turned wood and cork stopper.  Uniquely, the fitting of these ferrules to the blank is so exact that the whippings over the splint ends will not crack.

Rings are made from hard-chromed stainless steel and Amberfin lined butt and tip rings are used for all of our coarse rods.  Stand-off intermediate rings are used on the Merlin and MK IV Avon rods, while our exclusive pattern lightweight bridge intermediates are used on other models.

Silk whippings are all in subtly tasteful colours (refer to Coarse rods, Models & prices for details) and owing to our varnish, which actually saturates the silk; they are rendered permanently flexible and waterproof.  Seamlessly hand-tied, these whippings are never bulbous or irregular.

Varnish is hand-applied to the cane blank and silk whippings, creating a lustrous, flawless, and translucent finish.  This enhances the beauty of the rod and will protect it from the rigours of use for decades.

Each rod has its details inscribed in Indian ink above the handle, comes in a fitted cloth bag, and is issued with a special signed certificate of ownership.  In the case of rods endorsed by Chris Yates, the certificates also bear his signature.

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