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We are pleased to offer a new range of rods that complements our flagship split cane models.

These are rods for the connoisseur of fine tackle who appreciates the very best in quality and performance.

We are as committed as ever to building the finest split cane rods, but we have always taken the view that certain raw materials have qualities especially suited to particular rod types, and no single material is perfect for every purpose.

As an example, for single handed fly rods up to eight and a half feet in length, classic carp, barbel and Avon-style rods, split cane is the material for us, without exception.

However, we are also enthusiastic and experienced practitioners of the long, light line rod for dry fly, wet fly and nymph fishing.  Long trotting for chub and float fishing for tench in deep, weedy lakes are long term passions too.  It is for these demanding and fulfilling forms of fishing that carbon fibre comes into its own.

Float fishing rods are already in production and we will be listing a new range of fly rods in the near future.
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