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These rods have been very well received since we introduced them at the end of 2017.  I field tested a couple of versions for several years.  Only when I was entirely satisfied that the blanks, rings, handles, assembly and finish were up to our standards were these rods included in our portfolio.

All machined components are made in our Newbury workshop and we finish the rods with guides and blanks made in England.  They are built with precisely the same care and attention to detail that we apply to every aspect of our work.

Actions are determined by the progressively tapered blanks.  They have the quick recovery from bending that good carbon rods should have, so they feel crisp and vigorous.  Thanks to the quality of the blanks and the fittings we make for them, these are very light rods indeed.  The twelve footer with an un-ground blank, for example, weighs a mere 148 grams (5⅛ oz).

It is worth noting that in particular, the 13’, 14’ & 15’ rods are a little lighter and easier in action with gloss or matt ground finishes, and we recommend this format.

The perfectly graduated three legged stand-off rings have generously sized silicon carbide centres.  The butt ring is located so that the line will reach it from your reel at a sensible shallow angle.  The rings are spaced so that the line won’t cling to the blank when it’s wet, and there are precisely enough of them so that they add no unnecessary weight or friction.

For the tallest rings, the fine chestnut silk whippings are buttressed (double whipped for a number of turns) at the top of each ring foot for extra security.  The silk is impregnated with and protected by our customary flawless finish.  There is, of course, a hook keeper ring secured with a hand-forged strap just above the handle top.

The Flor grade cork handles are fitted with our finely knurled sliding reel bands and matching butt cap and button.  The reel bands have an internal taper that provides a really sound, secure grip on the foot of most trotting reels. We have taken a lot trouble to get this detail right, including the handle’s diameter, which is neither too slim nor too fat.  You can hold the rod all day in comfort and your reel won’t fall off when you are playing a five pound chub.

We have fitted beautiful hand-turned acorn-shaped Olive wood stoppers to the joints for their protection and the rods come in superb tailored bags.

Each rod is issued with a specially printed and individually signed and dated certificate of ownership.

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